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Potting ShedsThe Potting Sheds

We had hoped, in the long term, to see the potting sheds being developed into an area containing a cafe, shop and education centre, but there are now serious possibilities of working with CIP on this sometime in the near future to refurbish these listed buildings to include a base for CIP, incorporating a cafe/meeting room which could be used by the local community, including FoBM. If funding is obtained for this project, work will be co-ordinated with with English Heritage. Click on the image for a sample of the sort of facility we would like to see here.

Update ... update ... update ... Whilst we have not yet managed to redevelop the potting sheds, FOBM with support from CIP have transformed the old Bowls Pavilion into a community cafe - The Pavilion Cafe. Open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at weekends and on special weekdays, this voluntarily run cafe provides a very popular community meeting place opposite the children's play area. The cafe is available for use by community groups (at times and days to be agreed) and also for private hire. Please click here for further information.

Water FountainWater Fountain

We are currently investigating the possibility of restoring the water fountain to its original state. We have been in discussion with the Drinking Fountain Association regarding surveys, estimates and costs for this work. The original fountain would also have had an animal water trough and an urn but these are presumed lost. A similar fountain has recently been restored in Richmond Park and we are hopeful that ours may also be restored in the near future. The combined aim of CIP and FoBM is to move the fountain and make it a centre piece in the (hoped to be made-over) walled or secret garden.

Update ... update ... update ... The water fountain has been restored and moved to the centre of the walled garden. Please see below for more details.

Fitness TrailFitness Trail

We hope to work in conjunction with CIP to produce a fitness trail in the upper meadow where everyone (within age constraints) can participate in an overall workout. Runners and walkers may wish to incorporate this in circuits of the park.

Car ParkCar Park

We would like to see the car park resurfaced and marked to include disabled parking bays; and will be applying for grants to carry out this work.

Park ShelterPark Shelter

The shelter walls have been defaced with graffiti, making the shelter seem unwelcoming to visitors. Following discussions between FoBM and CIP members, we are agreed that a mosaic on all three walls around the seating area would be the way forward. This would require a certain amount of preparation work (making good the plaster etc.) and would require a project manager and/or artist. Once this preparation has taken place and an outline design agreed, we hope the mosaic can be produced by local residents, schools and visitors to the park. We have been collecting tiles for this purpose for some time and would appreciate further donations. We would be interested to hear from anyone who can help with this project. Please contact us by emailing or replying on our Reply Form.

Update ... update ... update ... The shelter has now been amazingly transformed by Spartans Football Club into a changing area and base for their Children's football matches. Photos to follow ...

Southsea Skate ParkSkateboard Park

Our original idea was to improve the section under the motorway by locating a skateboard park in this area (see pictures above). Unfortunately, for security and maintenance reasons, this is not possible. We are therefore investigating the possibility of siting a skateboard park in the upper meadow. Click on the image to see an alternative skate park which may suit this location.

Potting ShedsThe Secret or Walled Garden

Update ... update ... update ... Working with local groups, CIP have now transformed this area from what became an overgrown, dumping site into a tranquil, lawned garden with herbaceous borders and paths. The centre piece is the newly repaired water fountain which until now has been on the edge of the car park.

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