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Start of TrailStart of Nature Trail

Forget the motorway, forget the aeroplanes, are you in West London? Well, you could be anywhere - even deep in rural England! Starting at the Lake, take a walk along the Nature Trail, relax and enjoy life. If you wish to stay relaxed, please be warned - do not let young children take this path on their own.

Stepping down to the RiverStepping down to the River Brent

The start of the trail from the Lake is the easier option - returning up the steps would keep one fitter! Click on the image for a more accurate perspective.

Nature PathBirds, wildlife and flowers

Keep a sharp lookout for birds, wildlife and wild flowers. They still exist here, believe it or not.

River BrentThe River Brent

The path continues to the River Brent, home to many water birds, eventually reaching a river bridge which passes under the M4. Cross over the bridge, keeping the River to your left hand side. We have been informed by our local historian, Janet McNamara, that "the section of the river Brent under the motorway was named Botany Bay on an 18th century estate map drawn before the canal was built. James Clitherow, who was the owner at the time was a friend of Sir Joseph Banks who had named Botany Bay in Australia when on Captain Cook's first voyage to the south seas." Janet speculates that there is definitely a connection in the naming of the two places.

WeirThe Weir

Along the path you have to cross a weir. Please take care following rainy periods as this weir can be overflowing from the canal into the River Brent, which runs parallel. For your own safety - check it out first.

Clitheroe LockClitheroe Lock

Yes, the spelling is correct! The path leads here to Clitheroe Lock. Crossing can be a little precarious, so please take care. If you wish to complete a circuit, by walking south along the canal towards Brentford and crossing back over the next bridge, the path will bring you into the lower meadow of the Park.

Canal WalkCanal Walk

Before returning to the Park, take a moment to stop on the bridge looking left and right along the canal to the north and south. In fact, if you are feeling energetic, you may wish to take a longer walk along the canal. Travelling north towards Hanwell brings you to a very nice pub called The Fox where you can stop and rest after passing several uphill locks! Moving south, towards Brentford Centre, will provide a worthwhile visit to Brentford Docks - and eventually to more very nice real ale pubs. If you like small, homely places, The Magpie & Crown (also providing real Cider), The Brewery Tap and The Waterman's Arms are all recommended.