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Spring LakeStart of the Tour

We start our tour of the Park from the side entrance on the corner of Boston Gardens and Boston Manor Road, next to the lake. When is a pond a lake? If you know the answer, please contact us by emailing or replying on our Reply Form. On most of the maps (historical and modern) this piece of water is marked as the 'lake' but we're not sure why. One FoBM member believes it is related to the depth of the water but as no lake nor pond appears on one very early map of the area, it seems unlikely that the lake is particularly deep. We have now had one response to the above question from a reader in America, as follows: "The main difference between a lake and a pond is the size. A lake is usually defined as a body of water large enough to have at least one wind-swept beach; ponds are not large enough for winds to blow across the water and create waves to wash away the plants that may be trying to take root. A lake is too deep for rooted plants to grow except near the shore."

Nature TrailOn to the Nature Trail

Our tour continues with the Nature Trail. Click on the image to continue with the nature trail tour, which will open in a new window. Close that window when you have finished in order to resume your tour here.

Lower MeadowBack in the Lower Meadow

On leaving the Nature Trail and canal, we return over the bridge to the lower meadow. This area provides a large, green space which would be ideal for picnics, outdoor parties, games, jogging and many other pursuits.

As part of a programme of improvements, FOBM worked with CIP and a variety of local volunteers to plant a wild flower section in this lower meadow. As the area was prone to flooding near to the canal, particular wetland flowers were chosen. More detailed information can be found regarding wildflower meadows in the "Parks, People and Nature" report at The report features Boston Manor Park wildflower meadow and includes a photograph, on page 21, taken by one of our FOBM committee members, Don Bowie, showing the meadow as it is now since the wild flower planting.

The park is often filled with runners and walkers - which leads us on to ....

Upper MeadowThe Upper Meadow

The upper meadow is now home to Spartans Youth Football Club who maintain and use the pitches for junior coaching and football matches on Saturday and Sunday morning during the football season and on Wednesday nights when the light permits. Casual football matches may still be played here provided Spartans are allowed their allocated times without interference and the pitches are not damaged by excessive use. There is a possibility that this may also become the home for the fitness trail and perhaps the skate park, but... that is all very much in the future.

Gate to Secret GardenGate to the Secret Garden

Our route now brings us to the basketball court, car park, shelter and water fountain , bowling green, tennis courts, and, finally, the herbaceous border, all of which are described elsewhere on this website. Visit each in more detail by clicking on the links, then return here. At the end of the herbaceous border we reach the gate to the secret garden.

Cedar of LebanonThe Cedar of Lebanon

Past the potting sheds and flower beds, we reach the back lawn and the magnificent cedar of lebanon, last recorded on The Tree Register as measuring 8.83 m around the multi-stemmed base, making it the largest of this type in Greater London. The tree possibly dates back to the early 1700s.

Back of of B.M. HouseBoston Manor House

We complete our tour now with a view of Boston Manor House from the back lawn, close to the picnic tables and adjacent to the lake. Please click on the image for more information about the House.